Ambro & Associates Mortgage Consultants

Ambro & Associates Mortgage Consultants here in Edgemont Village offer excellent advice for all sorts of mortgage needs. Maybe you need money for that new home you’re buying, are looking for commercial mortgage options or need to look at consolidating your mortgage. Ambros can help you.

This business conducts itself in a professional and experienced manner that keeps your best interest in mind. Ambros is a collection of independent mortgage professionals who work for you. These people get to know you and your needs, making sure that the mortgage you’re getting is the right one. Be you a savvy investor or a new home buyer their expert advice is always unbiased and welcomed. Ambro & Associates is able to offer a wide range of mortgage options that you may not normally have access too if you went through other channels.

Banks try to match you with one of their own products but since Ambros is independent, their able to look at a vast array of mortgage options and not be tied down. These excellent available selections coupled with competitive lenders that Ambros has access to makes Ambros a worthwhile choice in your search for that ideal mortgage. These people know that the topic of mortgages can be a confusing one, fixed or variable? Closed or open? Conventional or insured?  What does all that even mean? The professionals here at Ambors are more than happy to explain everything in plain English, so you can understand it. Searching for the right mortgage can be time consuming and frustrating but not with Ambors, these people take the weight off your shoulders and let you sleep at night.

Their prompt and dedicated service which has been going on for over a decade now is a clear sign of their devotion to their customers. “Trusted knowledge. Inspired Results” is Ambro & Associates Mortgage Consultants motto and its one that certainly rings true. Brokers are attentive to details and are more than skilled in their jobs, their work will be sure to display positive results. Ambro & Associates Mortgage Consultants is an excellent organization that seeks to please their customers like no other. Their hard work and commitment is heartily appreciated here in Edgemont Village.


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