BC Playthings

Started nearly 34 years ago, this little toy shop is a child’s paradise. Packed full of stuffies, puzzles, kids furniture, dolls and so much more; BC Playthings is definitely going to keep your child entertained for hours on end. There are even toys outside to catch your child’s attention as you walk by. And hey, why not bring them in to see the store? Playthings welcomes young children to come and play! The bright and colorful decor brings in kids of all ages and Staff more than happy to see your kids playing and being themselves.

Playthings specializes in natural toys such as ones made of wood. So this store is especially handy for parents who follow the Waldorf teaching principles. Playthings is here to promote creativity, discovery and learning for all children as they play. Each toy here engages young children and lets them learn naturally at their own pace. Playthings stocks all sorts of toys, trains and track for the guys, dolls for the girls to name just some of the popular few; there really is something for every child here. Check out their website for the whole huge selection of toys that they have.

BC Playthings has been in Edgemont for at least 12 years now and was started by Pat Gallaher. The store is still a very active member of the local community and a great resource to community members. Playthings is also one that makes sure childhood memories of favourite toys aren’t expensive ones as well. Toys here can be in all price ranges and can even be ordered online with pay pal if you can’t go down personally to get them. Call ahead to make sure something is in stock or if you need great gift ideas for that special child. You can even get your purchases gift wrapped for free.

Visit Playthings Facebook page and website to see what’s going on in the store and take a look at the newest child’s toys. BC Playthings is a wonderful place full of that child-like magic. Bring your kids down here and we are sure that you will continue to return here for many years to come!


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