Cobs Bread

In 2003 Cobs Bread was opened in Edgemont Village. This was the very first Cobs bakery but it would certainly not be the last. What started all here in Edgemont Village has now become the world’s most successful bakery franchise with seven hundred bakeries around the world. And it’s certainly not difficult to understand why. Cobs Bread gives an excellent selection of baked goods all of which are made fresh the day of. Breads such as Cape Seed which is made with 100% whole grains and Higher Fiber which has three times the fiber of regular bread demonstrate why Cobs has done so well.

Their food has quality baked right into it, with golden crusts and light airy filling. Cobs gives the customer great tasting bread that also happens to be healthy too. No preservatives, extra sugars or artificial flavours are ever added during the whole baking process. At the time of this writing, Cobs is in the middle of rolling out a new “greener” oven, one that will reduce wasted energy by up to 25%. Cobs also offers a “Dough Raiser” program, a way for groups raising money to get cash back from Cobs for anything bought there. Simply register with the bakery and every time someone buys bread simply have them tell the cashier what group they would like to support.

This is a great way to raise money just by buying what you would have already bought. This concern for the customer, the environment and the community has really helped with Cobs success both worldwide and here in Edgemont. Staff at Cobs are friendly and fast. They give you a smile while taking your order and get right to work getting your baked goods ready. If you have any questions or are having difficulty deciding what to get, staff are more than prepared to help you, being able to tell you about each type of bread. Urbanspoon gives Cobs Bread in Edgemont a 100% rating at the time of this article so it really just shows how popular a bakery Cobs really is. Check out their website and you can get all sorts of great tips about bread and also learn about the different breads available for you. Cobs Bread here in Edgemont is a wonderful place to just grab some food and take a walk around enjoying the village.


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