Directions to Edgemont Village

Edgemont Village is an oasis nestled in the shadow of the North Shore Mountains. Located primarily along Edgemont Blvd between Ridgewood Drive and West Queens Road, shops and services extend to the surrounding streets of Woodbine Drive, Highland Blvd and New Market Dr.

Driving from Vancouver, take Georgia Street through Stanley Park and drive north across the Lions Gate Bridge.

As you come to the north side of the bridge, the road forks  – take the right fork which is marked “North Vancouver – Marine Drive”.

Merge left as you will need to turn left at the first set of traffic lights at Marine Drive and Capilano Road.

After turning left onto Capilano Road, drive past the Chevron Station and then turn right onto Ridgewood Drive. If you reach the Capilano Suspension Bridge, you have gone past Ridgewood Drive.

After turning right onto Ridgewood Drive, you will reach a stop sign at Edgemont Blvd. Turn right onto Edgemont Blvd and look for parking. Most parking is located on Edgemont Blvd and on Woodbine Drive.


Driving from the Highway, take the Westview exit and go north (towards the mountains!). Turn left onto Queens Road and drive until you reach  Edgemont Boulevard. Turn right and find a parking spot.

Driving from Capilano Suspension Bridge, go north on Capilano Road (towards the mountains!). Turn right onto Edgemont Boulevard. Continue south on Edgemont Boulevard until you cross Ridgewood Drive. You are now in Edgemont Village.