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Kaehne Consulting Ltd. company has been in business since 1986. Over those years, they have successfully completed various projects in 17 countries. Most of their projects are involved with power generation, mining, or both. They offer contract preparation, construction supervision, detailed design, and many more services to all their clients. KCL has taken over from the previous firm J. Kaehne & Associates Ltd. They have worked on dozens of major projects and have pleased their customers time and time again. KCL constantly meets completion dates and exceeds the requirements of their clients.

Their highly trained workers will complete the job swiftly and always stride to surpass all your expectations. They will go the extra mile just to make sure that they do the job just right for any client. If you have any specific requirements for a building or structural design, then just inform the designer as they always involve their clients in the design phase. They specialize in power transmission, substations, power service, power generation, power distribution, and many more services. In the past, KCL has worked with power generation of ratings up to 10MW and total station ratings of 100 MW. These generators are usually diesel based, and they have experience with gas turbines, diesel and wind hybrids, and hydro-electric systems. For their power transmission, they have completed transmission systems of up to 275kV.

Kaehne Consulting has also worked with hardware and software selection, control room design, programming, system design, and many other aspects related to controls and automation. KCL makes sure that when they finish a job, their clients have the experience and necessary training to upkeep the project with as little effort as possible. They have an advanced website to read about their services and the projects that they have completed in the past. View some photos of their latest jobs and contact them online. Send them an email or call them if you are interested in working with them or have any questions about their business. KCL will complete the job thoroughly and working with them is easy and effortless.


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