Kidsbooks as its name suggests, is a great place to take the kids and pick up some great adventures which come wrapped between those paper bindings. This bookstore unlike others primarily caters to kids but of course has something for everyone. Started by Phyllis Simon, Kidsbooks has been around for quite awhile. A member of Edgemont Village since 1995 and the happy host to various literature events such as the Harry Potter book release which saw as many as 1000 kids come out for the event. Kidsbooks has been a great active member in the community.

Kidsbooks also loves having authors come in and talk about their books with kids. Authors such as Kenneth Opal and Gail Levine have already paid visits to this store. This wonderful place has even won the Specialty Bookseller of the Year Award from the Canadian Booksellers Association three times! Truly showing just how great a place this is and how fantastic the here staff are. These people are enthusiastic and caring, they really want to listen to what you want so they can make the best possible recommendation for you.

Call in advance if you need specials books put aside for you or even if you just need help selecting the right book. You can also ask staff to pick out great books with a theme in mind to save you the time for that birthday or Christmas present. Or you can even check out their website which shows just how vast their collection of reading materials really is, all of which can be shipped all around the United States and Canada. Search by age, category, genre, bestsellers, latest releases, book awards and so much more. Kidsbooks also offers specialty books such as ones written in French or ones created especially for Aboriginals. You will be sure to find just the right book you were looking for. Kidsbooks even offers complimentary gift wrapping if you need it! That’s service.

Check out the Kidsbooks blog if you are in need of a good book for the kids as there are plenty of themed reviews always going up. However Kidsbooks doesn’t only provide books but safe, fun toys and puzzles too. Kidsbooks really is a valuable member of the Edgemont Community and an excellent place to take the kids so they can learn about the value and excitement in reading.


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  1. Wendy, 11 years ago

    My kids love coming here and picking out a few good books. This is one type of spending that I really encourage them. Reading and learning is something you just can’t put a price tag on. Thank you Kidsbooks!

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