Starbucks. For many of us it’s fairly essential for our daily lives, the provider of that amazing drink every morning. So it’s excellent to hear that there is a Starbucks in Edgemont Village. With top ratings on Urbanspoon and this place holds up to the Starbucks reputation of excellent coffee in a fun environment. This place has a huge selection of every coffee imaginable; there are so many different lattes, cappuccinos and mochas to choose from you can certainly try something different each time you come.

Of course Starbucks also offers an arrange of goodies to eat as well. Muffins, scones and doughnuts to name a few are all available to enjoy with your morning coffee or perhaps an egg salad sandwich or roasted vegetable Panini in the afternoon for lunch? The fresh food here is excellent and is just as good as the coffee itself. Starbucks in Edgemont is quite spacious giving you lots of room to find a place to sit and either enjoy your coffee while watching people pass by or you can check your email with the free wifi courtesy of Bell. Or maybe you just want to sit and relax, listening to the music as it plays through the store.  Customer service here is cheerful and always smiling, a trademark of Starbucks. Starbucks is known for their caring attitude towards both the community and the environment. And it should, considering their company mission statement is “To inspire and nurture the human spirit— one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Responsibility to both the community and the environment fit right in there and clearly Starbucks has done both of these things magnificently. The Starbucks in Edgemont proudly supports the Show and Shine community event in Edgemont Village. They also take care of our environment by encouraging the use of tumblers instead of cups and participating with other Starbucks in an attempt to recycle all 100% of their waste produced by 2015. Check out their website if you want more information as it’s full of useful and interesting things.

If you really enjoy Starbucks coffee you can also grab some for home too! Starbucks sells tea and coffee that it uses to create your amazing beverages so you can enjoy them anywhere you want. Starbucks is a great supporter of community here in Edgemont Village and is very much a worthwhile place to grab a coffee and just enjoy yourself.

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  1. Jennifer, 11 years ago

    Here’s a healthy tip —- when I go in here I get one of the Odwalla or Naked juices and grab a banana and ask them to mix it with ice and put it into two cups. There ya go — a cheap two drink treat for the kids!!!!!!!

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