Tartooful. An object that is both beautiful and function able. Well designed. Of lasting value. To beautify through simplicity. These are the definitions of tartooful and they fit perfectly with the store Tartooful in Edgemont Village. Selling things which embody both beauty and usability so that space is never wasted, Tartooful gives art new meaning. Products are selected especially from all over the world and work wonderfully in your home both as everyday objects and as eye candy. Designer glassware, lights and tableware to list a few, are all available and waiting for you to feast your eyes upon.

Creations from artist such as Anne Griffiths, Rob Zyistra and James Melcher are magnificent additions to any home and can inject new life into otherwise dead rooms. Unique products can range from all sorts of things, kid’s toys, things for furnishing homes, accessorizing your outfits or to helping entertain. There is something for every occasion and person and they help to make things that much better. Take a look at everything online as well and send an email in if you want to purchase anything right away! Are you not quite sure what’s in or what is the latest in the art world? Check out Tartooful’s blog to get details on the latest and greatest in the art community.

Tartooful also offers an excellent design service. Staff help you design functional, affordable but also beautiful spaces that work to make your life easier. Create that perfect low maintenance, always beautiful garden or come up with the perfect room for the kids that can change as they do. Designing a space has never been easy but with such knowledgeable and experienced help at Tartooful there’s no need to worry.Truly a place where art meets function, Tartooful is a must stop place to check when decorating your home or even just to browse. Artistic pieces are stunning and send an excellent message to all who visit, so come take a look at some of the best that Edgemont Village has to offer at Tartooful.


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